Young Dads Collective Grimsby Webinar

on Tuesday 20th October 2020, we held the YDC Grimsby webinar with ten representatives from local support services, the statutory and voluntary sectors and local government in Grimsby and the North East Lincolnshire region.
The objectives of the webinar were three-fold;

  1. To introduce the project, the Young Dads Collective model and its main aims and goals in order to raise awareness of the work for local professionals,
  2. To establish the project as a community led and supported initiative in line with the ethos of co-production that underpins the work,
  3. To gain feedback and insights from local professionals about how the YDC might support them in their work and enhance the existing local offer, not just for young dads, but for families and young people more generally.

To meet these varied objectives, the webinar comprised key presentations from relevant team members, as well as two interactive breakout rooms that were structured around key questions to facilitate reflection, discussion and feedback. In line with the approach upon which the Young Dads Collective model is premised, we were also honoured to be joined by a previous YDC member, Ruben Vemba, who shared his experiences of being involved with the YDC and responded to questions from the participants.

The recordings of these presentations are available below:

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