Diverse Dads

Funded by the University of Lincoln, the Diverse Dads co-research project involves a partnership between the Following Young Fathers Further research team and the North East Young Dads and Lads (NEYDL), based in Gateshead, UK. In collaboration with young fathers, NEYDL professional staff and an advisory team of local and national experts, the initiative comprises four key activities:

  • Producing a demographic profile of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in the Tyne and Wear region, including the prevalence of young fatherhood,
  • Establishing new alliances with services who work with Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and young parents to enable outreach, updated training, and the embedding of inclusive forms of support,
  • Generating evidence about how and why services should engage with a wider constituency of young fathers, especially those from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds,
  • Co-disseminating evidence to professionals and policymakers.

The research will also capture and analyse service provision for young fathers in the region. This project will inform and shape family policy and practice support for young fathers and their families in ways that are sensitive to the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity and religious affiliation.

Project research team

The research is being conducted by Adam, Dylan and Will. Adam says of the project:

“I feel really privileged to be part of this research. It is something so new and close to me to explore. I myself am part of a minority ethnic community and being able to give people like me a voice about what kind of support we would like to see through things like parenthood. I have always been interested in cultures and what it is like for them day to day. This project is a great way for me to do so.”

Dylan says: “ I’m really interested in this research as I myself would like to know what there is for the Black, Asian and minority ethnic young dads as I’ve not heard of anything that involves them and I feel really proud to be part of these findings. I really enjoy doing research work in general as it is very fascinating to understand and explore certain things”

Project Advisory board and partners

The advisory team for the project includes local, regional and national experts and includes:

Kevin Stoodley, CEO, NEYDL

Owen Thomas, Future Men

Jack Summerside, Connected Voice

Chris Humba, NEYDL

Jonah York, Digidads

Webinar videos: #DiverseDads

At the webinar on Wednesday 28th April 2021, we featured three videos produced by Digidads. These videos include an overview of the project by the Diverse Dads peer research team, a video featuring the lived experiences of diverse young dads and the views of professionals about what they think ‘works’ in support for diverse families and communities. The videos can be accessed on Youtube and we strongly encourage you to subscribe to Digidads for high quality dad related digital content.

Diverse Dads Webinar 28th April 2021: Full Recording

Training videos that featured at the webinar

The Peer research team featuring Adam, Dylan and Will of the North East Young Dads and Lads.


‘I was a Boy who brought a boy into the world’ featuring all of the dads interviewed by the peer research team


Interviews with professionals from the North East

The Diverse Dads Webinar! Wednesday 28th April 2021, 10am – 12pm

A sharing and learning event for anyone who works with young fathers and their families in a range of support settings.

About this Event

  • Are you interested in learning about how your service might be more accessible for young dads?
  • Is your service accessible for all, including young dads from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities?

You may do this well already and can share examples of good practice. You may consider this to a be a gap that can be addressed in your organisation.

Using a combination of presentations and breakout sessions, the webinar addresses these important questions, exploring emerging evidence and examples of good practice about how services can become more accessible for young dads from all walks of life.

The webinar is based on a joint initiative between the North East Young Dads and Lads and the Following Young Fathers Further research team at the University of Lincoln. The project has also been supported by Connected Voice, an organisation based in the North East that has a remit to connect Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and organisations to reduce health inequalities in the region and Future Men, a London based charity that supports boys and men along the path to becoming dynamic future men.

In the last year, we have been working together to explore how practice support for young fathers and their families in a way that can be developed that is sensitive to the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity and religious affiliation.

At the webinar, we will launch the findings of research that has been led by a team of young dads and lads from the North East Young Dads and Lads. There will also be opportunities for delegates to reflect on their own professional practice, informed by the research findings and the experiences of young dads themselves. We are also delighted to present new training films, produced by our partners ‘DigiDads’, which will be launched to prompt discussion about barriers, opportunities and possible solutions for services.

If you would like any further information or wish to attend, please contact the FYFF team via our contacts page.

For further updates about the project please follow us on Twitter at: @NEYDandL @FollowingYFF

The FYFF team would like to extend our thanks to everyone who participated in the webinar and in the Diverse Dads peer research project.